"Farming is My Passion of Love and Profession of Hope"

About Us

“Farming is My Passion of Love and Profession of Hope”

Avi is our first pet

First of all, “” website is not a commercial blog site. This blog is my Passion of love. I love animals and I don’t want to kill any animal that’s why I am OVO Vegetarian. Since I was a small kid, I had always pet. My first inspiration of loving animals is my Mother, although she beat me several times because me and my pet was sharing same plates to eat (she was afraid that if I get any disease from my pets). My Dad and Sister also loves pet as much as I love them. Right now (2016), we have four cats (Avi, Kiko, and two kids), One Dog (Bianca), Case free birds (Tin Tin but they only listen to my mother) and other some lovely domestic animals and birds.Avi and Bianca (cat and dog)

What is our Qualification?

As I told you earlier, this blog is my passion of love and I am doing this website from my heart so all post and information about animals are verified by different website including and also I have done some veterinary courses and passed veterinary nursing degrees. Most of all, I love my pets and I want share with you different useful information about pets. The provided all information is 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} correct, I can’t give you this grantee. I and this blog’s all contributors are trying to serve our best but still if you find any information is wrong anywhere in this website please make comment under that post or contact us immediately.Bianca and Kiko Playing (dog and cat playing together)

What is our Purpose (!!)

Just look at this picture, my pets are a big part of my family. Our dog (Bianca) and Cat (Kiko) became friends and they are playing together. Those lovely moments gave me the inspiration to make this website. Our one and only goal is keeping your pet healthy and happy.  Before we make any post in this blog about any animals, all contributors are reading several books, visiting farms and verifying those information’s by different  websites. We believe right information is all we need to keep our pets out of danger and diseases.our dog Sabi Websites BIO

What is the blog subject? This website is all about pet animals.  Our targeted niche list are Freshwater fish, Dog, Cat, Birds, Pigeon, Reptiles, Horse, Saltwater Fish, Rodent, Gerbil, Mice-Fancy Rat, Guinea Pig, Sugar Glider, Flying Squirrel, Hedgehog, Rabbits, Snakes and Ferrets.

Why should read this blog? I love my pet and I want my pets live healthy and happy. Do you want the same? If your answer is yes then definitely you don’t want your pet’s unwanted death too. So please keep reading about your pet and make their life comfortable with your knowledge. Here you will learn about your pet such as pets name, origin, classification, body shape and appearance, attitude, pets market (buy and sale), necessity supplies, food and nutrition, training and show, diseases and cure etc.

What reader can get from blog posts? Basically we collect all kinds of pet’s whole living life’s information and share in our posts.   Look at top this picture, if this dog name SABI would be your pet. In this case, you need (1) dog food, (2) dog supplies, (3) dog hair dresser (4) disease and curing information, (5) Dog trainer etc.  Lets make an example about good food and nutrition for your dog but as you know all food company wants to sell their dog food products but what do you think, all dog foods have the same quality? Now you have two options to find the best quality food in cheap price. Option number 1; buy all brands dog food and test one by one. Option number 2; read food ingredients, food reviews, customers opinion, market price etc. If you choose option number two, so keep reading blog posts, in our posts you will get all kinds of information about pets and anything related to pets.

Avi and Kiko (cat family)

Dear Reader, pleasure is all mine to get you here and I am very happy that I could introduce with you all my pets through this website. I hope you will get right and useful information about your pet. If you love to read our future posts then don’t forget to subscribe.

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