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Dog Food
Dog Food

Dog Food

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The most important thing about having a dog is choosing the right dog food!
You should only pick the best for your best friend! These days there is lot things are available but you need to choose the right one. There are different kinds of food, different brands, various packages… And you probably wonder how you will make that decision!!!! (Without knowing what you are buying, it can be harmful for your dog health)

Nonetheless, there are some important things you should know about dog food and dog diet. First of all, dog diet needs to be consisted of proteins and amino acids, fats and fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. The most significant part of dog food are proteins. The intake of protein allows the dogs to gain the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks for the organism. Also, they take part in glucose making, from where energy comes. Even dogs themselves pick food that is high in protein.

After all, there is no such thing as the best food for every dog!
There are several kinds of dog food. There is dry food, wet food, raw food and semi-moist food. Dry foods usually contain 3-11{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} water and they are like kibble or pellets. Wet foods are usually 60-80{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} water and they are packed in cans, bags or similar. Raw food became more popular in the last years. However, raw food diet is controversial. The difference between these types of food can maybe allow you to make a better choice for your pet. Dry food is more economical and can be left at room temperature for several days. Wet food goes bad quickly but it is more palatable and tastier for the dogs. After all, there is no such thing as the best food for every dog. Every dog is a different organism with its own nutritional needs. However, you should have in consideration the daily nutritional needs of your dog and your lifestyle, while choosing the type of food. In the end, your dog is the one who will eat the food and choose what it likes the best.

What is the best affordable dog food brands?
There are many dog food brands! You can choose between economical food brands, supermarket food brands and those with very high quality food brands. Some of the best brands for dry food for dogs are:

  • Acana dog food
  • Taste of the wild
  • Pinnacle
  • Hill’s Science Diet
  • Orijen and there are many more!

When it comes to wet food, some of the best brands are:

  • Blue Buffalo
  • Against the grain
  • Nature’s recipe
  • Dogswell
  • Ema Lou’s Homemade Kitchen and there are also many others!

Foods you should never feed your dog (!)
     ● Never buy any food that contains unidentified meat ingredients (meat meal, meat by-products, meat and bone meal, animal fat, animal by-product meal). You can never know for sure where that meat comes from. It can be from meat leftovers, also it can be meat that went bad and is just remade in dog food. You can never know which animal it comes from, it can be even road kill, or euthanized pets. So be warned, read the label carefully!

     ● Never buy any food that does not have “complete and balanced” on the label. Those foods that do not have that, it means that they are not complete and balanced. That means that your dog will not get the needed nutrition, which can lead to serious health issues later.

     ● Never buy any dog food that contains excessive amount of fat. A little fat is good for your dog, however too much can also lead to health problems. Just divide the amount of fat in a dog’s food by its protein and you will get the fat to protein ratio. This way you can now how much fat there is in the dog food. If the ratio is high, there is a lot of fat in the food. For most dog foods that ratio is between 50-70{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe}, however when it is higher than 80{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} that is excessive fat. The highest fat to protein ratio is in canned dog foods and raw dog foods.

Natural dog food recipes is the best but careful if it has any chemical additives
Natural dog food is food that is made from natural ingredients, unprocessed or processed, but not containing any additives or processing aids. Many brands these days make natural food, however you should be careful even when the label says natural food, sometimes it has some chemical additives.

Why raw dog food diet is very controversial?
Raw food diet consists of muscle meat, sometimes along with the bone, raw eggs, raw vegetables like spinach, celery, broccoli, also fruit like apples; there can be some meat like liver and kidneys, some dairy products like yogurt; and there is often bones, whole or ground. Feeding your dog with raw food is very controversial; however it becomes very popular today. Raw food diet has been feeding practice for racing greyhounds and sled dogs but it extended to family pet diet since 1993. An Australian veterinarian was the first to introduce this kind of diet for pets. He suggested that grain-based commercial pet foods were harmful for dog’s health. On the other hand, many veterinarians and the FDA disagree because there a lot of risks of raw food diet. Supporters of the raw food diet can tell you which are some of the benefits of feeding your pet with raw food. For example: healthier skin, cleaner teeth, smaller stools, shinier coats, higher energy levels. However, some of the risks of raw food diet include health issues when the diet is unbalanced for longer period; there is also potential for choking on bones, or damaging the teeth or intestinal puncture; there are also threats from bacteria in raw meat.

Why healthy dog foods are urgent to feed your dog?
When it comes to healthy food diet for your dog, there are three factors you need to consider: (1) Age, (2) Activity level and (3) Ideal weight of your dog. If you are a first time owner, you should take advice from your vet about the ideal diet for your pet. Also, if your dog has some health problems you should feed your dog with more appropriate food which will help in getting your dog better. There are foods that are low in sugar for diabetic dogs; foods that are low in protein for dogs that have digestive problems or kidney problems; foods that are low in fats for dogs that’s not that active and fat. In addition, for a healthy diet you should always give your dog the right daily amount of food.

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  1. hello, thanks for this wonderful post. I’ve been trying to lose weight for about 3 months and I’ve come to the conclusion that it all depends on eating good food.

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