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Best Puppy Food
Best Puppy Food

Best Puppy Food


The quantity of the nutrients is the main between best Puppy food and adult dogs’ food
The difference between best puppy food and adult dog’s food is the quantity of the nutrients. best puppy food is richer in protein; it has more vitamins, essential fats and minerals which are important for growth. Not all puppy foods are of good quality because the requirements need to feel up is the American Feed Control Officials nutrient standards. There are many companies that go beyond the standards to make best puppy food and their food is considered to be of high quality. However, some of the commercial foods or cheaper foods have lower quality ingredients to compare with premium and performance foods that have higher quality ingredients. Consider buying puppy food for your dog until it becomes an adult. It almost certainly has more nutrients that help in growing up and developing.

Lower in nutrients puppies’ food can be bad for the teeth!
As stated in previous articles, Dog food can be in three types: dry, moist and semi-moist. Perhaps the best puppy food is dry food. It contains meat protein in higher levels. In addition, it is more practical, it is good for the teeth and also it is easy to digest. On the other hand, moist puppy food is also easy to digest, however it can spoil more quickly and it is more expensive. Also, moist foods are 75{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} water, which means they are lower in nutrients. It can be bad for the teeth, because of its soft texture and can make them prone to cavities. Usually the best diet for your puppy should be a combination from these two. The two types of food can be mixed, or they can vary from meal to meal. It is common to use raw meat with dry food.

Buying breed-formulated food is best for large breed puppy
When you have a large breed puppy, you should consider buying breed-formulated food. These formulas help in growing up at a gradual rate. That is so the puppies will have the time to develop strong joints and bones. These large-breed puppies need this kind of diet so as to prevent orthopedic problems, like hip dysplasia. Choose food that does not exaggerate in protein, calorie levels and fat.  Also, if you are using dry food, the kibbles are larger than for the ones for small-breed formulas.

Puppy food brand’s & price is not important but ingredients do
You should choose your best puppy’s food brand by its ingredients. All puppy foods must meet the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. However, many of the brands lack some of the nutrients needed for your puppy’s growth, or just meet the minimal requirements. Also, you must not choose the food by its price, because it does not necessarily mean that the most expensive food is the best. You should do a research for your dog supplies on what your puppy needs, ask the breeders, trainers and your veterinarian. You should be careful with sales people, because they only push the foods they represent no matter if they are good enough.

Feed your puppies three times a day until their growth slow down
All dog breeds when they are puppies should to be feed three times a day. This is the diet until they are about six months old. In most of the breeds, this is the time when growth slows down a bit, so you should reduce your puppy’s meals to two per day (morning and evening). An important thing about feeding puppies is that you should give them the meals the same time every day. Also, it should be a place where they will not be disturbed. Another thing is that most of the puppies do not know when to stop eating and sometimes that can result in overeating and being sick afterwards. So, be careful with the quantity of the food your puppy eats. On the other hand, sometimes it happens that your puppy does not want to eat and it skips a meal. However, as long as it is in good health and has energy that is fine. Never try to make your puppy eat by giving it treats right of the table, like people’s food. That way the puppy will never get the habit of eating the right food that is for dogs and will always “act out” so as to get something from the table.

Do not ignore puppies feeding chart
Every food that is sold has its own feeding chart. The feeding chart is based on how much nutrients your dog needs. The quantity that you need to give your dog per day is written in those charts. However, if you are not sure that you are doing it right, go to the vet and get some advice.

Homemade puppy food is the best if you know how to balance the diet
Homemade food is always a good idea for your puppy but you should really pay attention to how balanced is the diet. Homemade diets include various foods which are feed at different meals. Compared to balanced foods, in which every meal is balanced, homemade food relies on balance over time. This way of feeding your dog is similar to how people eat. Even this way your puppy’s diet can be complete and balanced. However, making your puppy’s food every day takes up a lot of time and you should consider if you are ready for it. Because, once your dog tastes the home prepared food, most likely would not like to change to dry food.

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